Damaged goods & Complaints

Damaged goods

We do our utmost best to deliver a beautiful quality piece of jewelry to you that you will be able to enjoy for a long time to come. As (most of our items) are vintage, pre-loved or antique pieces, there may be small scratches to the material or stones. We do our utmost to describe the vintage item and any potential defects in detail in the product description.

To make sure the jewelry sold is real gold, all items are checked. Usually they will have a hallmark: a stamp inside the band that indicates what the gold content is and whether it is solid gold or plated / filled. The description to each item sold on the website will mention what hallmarks are present. If an item does not have hallmarks, it doesn't mean it isn't solid gold. In that case we thoroughly check it (on a test stone and under the microscope) and double check with our jeweler. 

Jewelry in general, especially when worn frequently, and vintage items even more so, may be fragile depending on the design, setting and type of stones. A stone may break or fall out depending on the use of a ring. Our jeweler checks each ring to make sure that the stones are set solidly and not broken when sold.

If your item breaks within 30 days of your purchase under normal usage, please get in touch so that we can repair the ring for you. After 30 days of purchase, Wild Heart is not liable for any breakage or cost for repairs. We are however always happy to assist you with repairs through our jeweler at your own cost.

Please note we are not gemologists and we do not provide you with certification on any gemstones (except stated otherwise). We do have stones (and diamonds especially) checked by our jeweler to make sure they are real. We always try to photograph our pieces and their wear extensively, as well as describe them clearly for you. When in doubt, e-mail us any questions that you may have about a piece.

If, despite our best efforts, you have received an incorrect order or a damaged item, please contact us as soon as possible after received the item, but no later than 48 hours after receipt of the item via welcome@wildhearttreasures.com. We will take back the item and refund the full purchase price once the item has been received by us.


If you have any complaints about your order, please send an email to welcome@wildhearttreasures.com or get in touch using this form.