Beaded Necklaces - Royal Blue, Multi, Coral Red and Grey Purple

  • $22.00

These beaded necklaces are something else for Wild Heart. Brought back from a visit to Togo, where we found a female entrepreneur who makes these beauties by hand. They come in four great colors: royal blue, multi, coral red and grey purple, that all pair amazingly with vintage gold. The twist-closure is made out of messing and each is unique and slightly different. Available in different lengths - from anklet size (29 cm) to hugging the neck tightly (32 cm), laying around the neck (37 cm) and falling on the chest (48 cm and 60 cm). Very limited stock available, the price includes worldwide shipping.

Material :
- Beads & Messing

Size :
- 29 cm, 32 cm, 37 cm, 48 cm, 60 cm

Color :
- Gold, Blue, Red, Purple