Heart-cut mystic topaz held up by two hands in 9kt gold

This is such a special stone in a very cool setting. The 9kt solid band forms hands around the heart-cut mystic topaz that has been cut in a heart shape. The cut of the stone is great, making it shine bright. The stone has little to no scratches and its color is a gorgeous light electric grey green hue with shimmer and shine of pink through it. It measures about 5 mm x 5 mm. The shoulders of this gold band holding the setting up are subtly detailed with sleeves around the hands, going into a smooth solid band. Hallmarked for its maker B&B for its maker, 9kt gold and made in Birmingham.

This ring can be resized by your local jeweler, or we can assist (check the options here).

Material :
- 9kt Solid Gold
- Mystic Topaz (natural stone)

Size :
- EU 19.5

Color :
- Blue

Weight :
- 1.9 grams