Antique 9kt coral and pearl marquise ring

  • €425.00

What a stunning antique Victorian ring, set with coral and seed pearls in a marquise shape, with a thick smooth band. At the heart of the ring are four round, soft pink corals, with six round seed pearls forming the top and bottom of the marquise shaped front. The four stones on the vertical mid-line are lifted ever so slightly, with a zigzag setting around them and the three stones on each side on a slightly round lower level. Some of the pearls are slightly worn, giving us an idea of the age of this gorgeous piece. This ring is hallmarked for 9kt gold, made in Birmingham in 1885, making it 137 years old (!!). The back of the setting (inside the band) is smooth and slightly hollow, making it a light ring that's comfortable to wear. A perfect future heirloom to pass on in your family. Will be hard to resize.

! Please note pearls are fragile and we recommend taking this ring off when showering, working out, gardening, cleaning or other activities that may damage the stones. This is a vintage / antique piece so please take care to preserve and enjoy as long as possible !

Material :
- 9kt Solid Gold
- Pearls & Coral

Size :
- EU 18.2

Color :
- White & Pink

Weight :
- 2.6 grams