Half moon emerald and mother of pearl antique earrings in 14kt gold

This pair of earring left us speechless. When we found them, we knew these were very special. They are set with little round emeralds and pieces of mother of pearl (not seed pearls) in a fine and detailed half moon shape. The three round emeralds are bright green in color, a beautiful clear and vibrant hue. Each of the round-cut emeralds measures about 1.6 mm in diameter. The two mother of pearls round in the middle are about 2.4 mm in diameter, the two smaller rounds on the ends are about 1 mm in diameter each. They interplay perfectly with one another- a soft white glowy color against the beautiful bright green emeralds. The back closure works with a click system, where you push down the clasp back to open it up. The clicking ensures that the earrings stay in place with very little risk of them falling out the ear. These beauties do not have hallmarks, which makes us think they were made for someone specially. They test as 14kt solid gold and very uniquely - they come in their original box, which is rare for pieces this old. These must have been loved and treasured by a lady somewhere one day, as they are in pristine condition, as is the box, especially for it's age. Our informed guess is these were made in the Victorian era- around 1900. They measure about 14 mm x 16 mm in diameter, including the closure. A great size to shine in your ear.

! Soft stones are fragile and we recommend taking these off to shower, sleep etc.!

Material :
- 14kt Solid Gold                                                                                                                    - Emeralds and Mother of Pearl

Size :
- 14 mm x 16 mm in diameter

Color :
- Gold, Green & White

Weight:                                                                                                                                          - 1.2 grams