Moonstone cabochon in 18kt gold bezel setting

Wow, what a special piece! We don't find moonstone cabochon rings like this often, and we love it. The oval shaped stone is a moonstone, a see through, milky natural crystal that gives of rays and a special shine in different lighting. The stone is in excellent condition and sure to make an impact. The setting is a 18kt gold that is set around the stone in a simple clean bezel setting, making sure the statement piece stone is perfectly supported. Hallmarked for 18kt gold, the hallmarks are almost not legible anymore, as it seems the band has had some wear and is thinner through the hallmarks. Pretty sure this is an antique band (with some platinum around the setting and 18kt gold in the rest of the band) with a later replacement stone. Lived through some stories and ready for the next.

This ring should be resizable by your local jeweler.

Material :
- 18kt Gold & platinum

Size :
- EU 16.3

Color :
- See-through White