Rare star ruby bezel set in 18kt gold

  • €450.00

This is something so special and cool - a star ruby, naturally showing a star-shape when a single light source shines on it. It takes skill and patience to cut the ruby just right so that the star shows itself. When light does not directly shine on the ruby, it is a warm purple pink color with some glow to it. There is a little nab out of the stone on one side, but it's not very visible. The star ruby cabochon is oval and set in an 18kt gold bezel setting, enveloping the stone. The base of the setting connects to the simple smooth band, finishing the look on this beautiful ring. Not hallmarked but tests as 18kt solid gold.

This ring can be resized by your local jeweler, or we can assist (check the options here).

Material :
- 18kt Gold

Size :
- EU 17.5

Color :
- Purple / Pink

Weight :
- 1.3 grams