Little legacies

Little legacies

Wild Heart Treasures wants to be part of a modern movement. One where we consume consciously and with intent. A movement in which we have regard for the story told by the items sold and we invest in pieces that will last many moons to come. We therefor curate timeless, high-quality pieces that transcend trends and the feeling of fast fashion. Slow storytelling is more our speed.

With that in mind, Wild Heart only sells pieces we believe will never go out of style. In some cases they've been around for more than 100 years already. You really can't beat the look, feel and environmental impact of a true handmade antique with any mass produced piece.

Plus, we only curate solid gold jewelry, real diamonds and gemstones, which can last virtually forever if taken care of with a little love. You won't find gold-plated nor gold-filled jewelry with us, because it fades and that breaks our heart.

Buying vintage or antique jewelry also means you perpetuate the love for a crafted treasure, without requiring more precious resources and production. 

There is magic in how a piece can span multiple generations and tell the story of many different humans. Wild Heart is proud to be a part of a new generation of businesses that help continue little legacies.