My order & Account

Do I have to create an account to order online?

No, you do not have to create an account to order online. You do have the option to create an account at check-out so that your information is already available upon your next order.

What do you do with my personal information?

Privacy is very important to Wild Heart, and we are critical when it comes to the use of personal information for anything else than what its intended to do: ship your order or contact you about your order. We do not sell your information to third parties. Your information is strictly used to ship your order or contact you in relation to your order.

What are the different methods of payment?

You can use Ideal, PayPal, AMEX, Apple Pay, Belfius, SEPA transfer and most major credit cards to complete your order.

How do I delete my account or data?

We are happy to assist you if you would like to delete your account or your data. Please send an email to welcome@wildhearttreasures.com or get in touch using this form and we will arrange the necessary for you.

Do you have a newsletter? 

Yes! Become part of the Wild Heart tribe by subscribing to our mailing list at the bottom of the homepage or when you complete an order. You will be the first to receive special offers and events. But don't worry, we are not about that intense spam and promise to send you a newsletter no more than 3 to 4 times a year and with really good stuff only.


Do you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes, we do. We ship with PostNL, the Dutch postal system. Worldwide shipping is always done with a track and trace option and insurance up to €100. Shipping within the Netherlands is free, shipping to EU countries is €15 and shipping to the rest of the world is €25. After you have completed your order, you will be e-mailed a tracking code so that you can follow the shipment. 

When will my package arrive?

We ship out your order within 72 hours of your purchase.

We ship with PostNL. Please see indicated delivery times below:

  • The Netherlands: 2-3 business days
  • Europe: 3-5 business days
  • Rest of the world: 5 to 14 business days

I still have not received my order, what to do?

When your order is confirmed, we share a tracking number with you via e-mail. Please check the tracking code to see where your package is. If that doesn’t resolve your question, please send an email to welcome@wildhearttreasures.com or get in touch using this form.

Is it possible to ship faster (e.g., for special occasions)?

Of course, we are here for you and your special occasion. Please email us at welcome@wildhearttreasures.com or get in touch using this form if you need an express delivery.

How can I track my order?

When your order is confirmed, we share a tracking number with you. Please check the tracking to see where your package is by entering your tracking number and postal code on the website of Post NL

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return an order?

You can return your items by sending them back to us together with a return form. You can download the return form (or simply add a note providing us with some feedback on your return).

In case you would like to return a purchase, we advise to package it well (if possible, in the original packaging) and send it with a tracking code. Should a return get damaged or lost in transit, this is your responsibility.

Within how much time do I have to return my order?

You can return an order 14 days from when you have received it.

How do I know you received my return?

We will confirm that we have received and are processing your return via e-mail. If you have any questions, please send an email to welcome@wildhearttreasures.com or get in touch using this form.

When do I receive my refund?

It depends on the method of payment used to purchase your order when you will receive a refund. We will process all returns within 14 days of receipt of your return, but receipt of the refund also depends on the payment provider. Please note that we are only able to process refunds through the original payment method used.

Care & Sizing

What is the difference between 9kt, 14kt, 18kt and 24kt gold?

Pure gold is expressed as 24kt gold. That means it is not mixed with any other metal and is a very soft metal. To make it more durable in jewelry, gold is mixed with other metals to make it stronger: a gold alloy.

The number of karats in gold speaks to how much of the alloy is made of gold. 24 karat gold is 100% pure, so for example in 9kt gold, 9 of 24 parts is made of gold. As a percentage, that will be 37.5% pure gold (sometimes hallmarked 375). In 14kt gold 14 of 24 parts is made of gold, respectively 58.5% (sometimes hallmarked 585). In 15kt gold 15 of 24 parts is made of gold, respectively 62.5% (sometimes hallmarked 625). In 18kt gold 18 of 24 parts is pure gold, respectively 75% pure gold (sometimes hallmarked 750).

What is 9kt gold and does it fade?

9kt gold is a gold alloy with 37.5% purity. That means that it is a mix of 37.5% gold, and 62.5% other materials, usually silver, copper, zinc, platinum, or palladium. The blend of other metals will determine whether the gold has a more yellow, rose, or white gold look. This makes 9kt gold durable and strong, as pure gold is quite soft and prone to scratches and bends. It also means that we can offer you a variety of rings at different price points: 9kt gold will be more affordable than 14kt or 18kt gold.

Because 9kt gold is an alloy it does not fade. Unlike gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry, where a thin or thicker layer of gold is cast over another metal like silver, with 9kt gold the item is entirely made up of the gold mix. Your item will not turn green or fade. Please note however that if you are allergic to copper, due to the sometimes-higher content of copper in 9kt gold you may have a reaction.

In the Netherlands, 9kt gold may not officially be called gold due to its lower pure gold content. The rules on whether an alloy may be called gold are different per country.

How do I clean my jewelry?

If you want to clean your jewelry (NOT the ones with soft stones), the best way is to mix (mild) detergent with lukewarm water. Soak your jewelry for about 20 to 30 minutes and voila! If needed, you can rub excess dirt off with a cloth or use a soft toothbrush.

For jewelry with soft stones, we recommend that you mix a (mild) detergent with lukewarm water. Use a cloth to dip in the soapy water and gently clean your jewelry. Have a look on this page for more details.

How can I measure my ring size?

We get a lot of questions on how to best measure your ring size. We completely understand that buying a piece of jewelry is a big investment and not being sure what your ring size is, does not make it easier. We have written a size guide to make it easier. Have a look here for more information. You can also order a ring size measuring tool and we offer a ring sizing service.

How do I know my purchase is real solid gold? 

Selling solid gold treasures that will last you a lifetime is part of the Wild Heart DNA. Gold plated or gold-filled jewelry will eventually fade, and that's such a shame! That's why Wild Heart does not sell gold plated or gold-filled jewelry. How special is it that an item can span multiple generations and tell the story of many different humans. To make sure the jewelry sold is real gold, all items are checked. Usually they will have a hallmark: a stamp inside the band that indicates what the gold content is and whether it is solid gold or plated / filled. The description to each item sold on the website will mention what hallmarks are present. If an item does not have hallmarks, it doesn't mean it isn't solid gold. In that case we thoroughly check it (on a test stone and under the microscope) and double check with our jeweler. 


Do you have a store? 

Wild Heart Treasures does not have a store at the moment. Buying a piece of jewelry can be a bit daunting online, so we do offer the possibility to book a studio visit. You can ask all your questions, try on jewelry, and get your ring size measured in the Wild Heart studio in Amsterdam East. Wild Heart also loves pop-ups, so keep an eye out on the Wild Heart Instagram account to see when the next pop up will be.

How can I reach you? 

If you have any concerns or questions, contact us anytime via e-mail (welcome@wildhearttreasures.com), telephone (Tel. +31 (0) 6 8217 4830) or this form.