Wild Heart Treasures wants to be part of a modern movement. One where we consume consciously and with intent. A movement in which we have regard for the story told by the items sold and invest in pieces that will last many moons to come. Wild Heart therefor curates timeless, high-quality pieces that transcend trends and the feeling of fast fashion. Slow storytelling is more our speed.

With that in mind, Wild Heart only sells solid gold jewelry, no gold-plated nor gold-filled jewelry. Gold plated or gold-filled jewelry will eventually fade, and we find that's such a shame. How special is it that an item can span multiple generations and tell the story of many different humans without turning green or changing to silver.

To make sure all jewelry sold is real and solid gold, each item is individually checked. The easiest way to tell is if they have a hallmark: a stamp inside the band that indicates what the gold content is and whether it is solid gold or plated / filled. The description to each piece sold on the website will mention what hallmarks are present. If an item does not have hallmarks, it doesn't mean it isn't solid gold. In that case we thoroughly check it (on a test stone and under the microscope) and double check with our jeweler. 

Buying a vintage or antique item is always a more sustainable choice, and Wild Heart is proud to be a part of a new generation of businesses that offers an alternative to shop jewelry more consciously.

We love to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs or inspiring humans and always make a conscious choice about whether their values and ideals align with ours. Diversity, representation, inclusiveness, (self) critical thinking, conservation of resources and sustainability in the broadest sense are always on our mind when we create and collaborate.

When it comes to packaging, when possible Wild Heart uses eco-friendly material, and we do our utmost to use as little plastic in our operations as possible (eco-friendly ring boxes, and eco-friendly packaging and tape).

If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, contact us anytime through this form.