As long as I can remember, I have wanted to wander the world. Discover different realities, learn from faraway places. The more I travelled, the more I was struck by all the things we have in common, despite the seeming differences. Through time and space humanity shares so much symbolism, so many stories and heart’s desires. And that common consciousness can be so beautifully expressed in art, storytelling, and jewelry.

Wild Heart Treasures was born from this love for storytelling through gold. I was given my first pieces of jewelry at birth: a golden evil eye pendant to bring me luck, an ingot to bring me good fortune. Almost every important moment in my life has been celebrated by gold since. On my sixteenth birthday I got a gold necklace, my first period was celebrated with a golden queen Nefertiti, my first love gave me a ring, my first heartbreak I gave myself another. I cherish all the gold I have gathered along the way as it reminds me of the journey my heart has travelled. It tells the story of my life. I hope Wild Heart Treasures can become a part of yours.

All the items you will find with Wild Heart have been curated with care and sustainability in mind. I choose to sell solid gold only, to make sure your treasure will last as long as possible. Gold-plated and gold-filled items will eventually fade, but solid gold can last many lifetimes. A lot of my finds come from Europe, where during the Victorian, Edwardian, art nouveau and art deco era some timeless styles were created. Curating vintage and antiques (pieces that are more than 100 years old) means that you become part of the journey of this item, which has already been loved and worn. 

My dream is to keep curating and creating and to connect with you through Wild Heart, through gold, through our shared stories. This is to all you dreamers, strong inspiring women, soulful artists and fellow treasure seekers out there. 

With much love from my wild heart to yours - Nada