Size Guide

We get a lot of questions on how to best measure your ring size. We completely understand that buying a piece of jewelry is a big investment and not being sure what your ring size is, does not make it easier. However, with below guidelines, you should be able to correctly measure your ring size. The easiest way to make sure you measure your ring size correctly is with a measuring tool, like the one you can purchase on this website. If you don't have a ring measuring tool, you will need a piece of string or a ring that fits well (and some patience).

Step 1: Always measure the exact finger you intend to wear the ring on, as usually the fingers on your left and right hand will differ in size. That means you may have quite different ring sizes for the same finger on your left and right hand. 

Step 2: If possible, ensure that your fingers are at their usual size. Warm weather, physical activity, water retention (hormones), illness and some medication use may swell your fingers slightly, cold weather will shrink them.

Step 3: If you have a measuring tool at home, find the size on your measuring tool that fits you comfortably. Alternatively, find a ring you already own that fits you well. If you do not have a ring measuring tool or a ring that fits well, you can use a string and wrap it around your finger. Consider whether you like your ring to fit tightly, or if you prefer a more spacious feel around the finger. Also keep step 2 in mind: your fingers will swell a bit during summertime and shrink in winter.

Step 4: Rings that have a wider band will take up a bit more of your finger, which means you will need a slightly larger size than when you are shopping for a ring with a thin band.

Step 5: Did you use a measuring tool? The correct ring size will be visible on the side of the tool. Did you use a ring you already own or a string? Refer to this size guide to check what EU ring size you have.

Vintage and antique rings are one-of-a-kind, so you must have a bit of luck to find a ring that fits you perfectly. Have you found something beautiful, but it’s not your size? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. In collaboration with our jeweler, we offer a resizing service to make your treasure fit just right. The description of each ring on our website will mention whether resizing is possible. You can get more information on the resizing service here.

Alternatively, you are welcome for a personal fitting in our studio in Amsterdam, where we will be able to measure your ring size for you. Book your studio visit here.