Smooth heart clasp locket

  • €175.00

It is so easy to love this smooth heart clasp.These were originally used to close bar bracelets (as their name gives away, made with lots of consecutive little bars) and as a symbol to lock down a lover into something a bit more commited.

The clasp clicks open and close and also has a small eye to hang it on a chain or bracelet. This little cute piece is about 18 mm tall x 13 mm wide x 2 mm high. The little lock and screw engraving on the front are in impeccable condition. The closure works well: this little clasp clicks open and shut so you can use it as a lock for an open chain or otherwise. The heart is in overall great vintage condition. Can be worn as a large charm or pendant. Hallmarked for 9kt gold and a great heavy 3 grams of gold to enjoy.

Material :
- 9kt Solid Gold

Size :
- EU 18 mm x 13 mm

Color :
- Gold

Weight :
- 3 grams