Ring size measuring tool

  • €15.00

These handy tools will help you measure the correct ring size. Just find the right size ring on the ringsizer and measure it around the finger that you are looking to get a ring for. When ordering you will receive the entire bunch of ring sizes, instructions on how to best measure your ring size and a bag to keep the ring sizer in. 

This ringsizer is re-usable and easy to have and keep for any future purchases. Please note that this tool shows EU sizing, US sizing and circumference in mm. We are happy to assist with conversion from EU to UK, Japanese or other sizes if necessary.

The price for a ring sizer if purchased alone is € 15,-. If you add this ring sizer to any other item from the website, you will automatically receive it at a discounted price of € 9,75 (processed automatically at check out).

Shipping Rates on Ring Sizers Only:

Shipping rates if you order a ring sizer only are as follows:

- Free shipping within the Netherlands

- Europe and the UK: € 4,- shipping will be added at checkout

- Rest of the World: € 6,- shipping will be added at checkout

General guidelines:

Always measure the exact finger you intend to wear the ring on, as usually the fingers on your left and right hand will differ in size. That means you may have quite different ring sizes for the same finger on your left and right hand.

If possible, ensure that your fingers are at their usual size. Warm weather, physical activity, water retention (hormones), illness and some medication use may swell your fingers slightly, cold weather will shrink them.

Find the size on your measuring tool that fits you comfortably. Consider whether you like your ring to fit tightly, or if you prefer a more spacious feel around the finger.

Resizing service

Vintage and antique rings are one-of-a-kind, so you must have a bit of luck to find a ring that fits you perfectly. Have you found something beautiful, but it’s not your size? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. In collaboration with our jeweler, we offer a resizing service to make your treasure fit just right. The description of each ring on our website will mention whether resizing is possible.