Stunning antique round seed pearl and diamond 18kt gold ring

  • €395.00

What an absolute epic piece! Such a sweet little flower set with the most pillowy seed pearls surrounding one single diamond. The six little pearls form the petals to this delicate flower, with little engravings. The middle diamond is round and old cut, slightly lifted above the pearls. The front is held by a smooth gold band with one single ray engraved into it, making this detailed to the T. This is in great vintage condition. The band has been repaired at the back, slightly visible but not in view when wearing the ring. The hallmarks are smudged, but our informed guess is that this ring was made around 1900-1920, based on the way it is (hand) made and the esthetic.

This ring will be hard to be resized due to the pearl. Please note these are soft stones and a vintage ring. Therefor, we always recommend taking extra care when wearing this type of stone when performing physical activities to enjoy it as long as possible. Additionally, seed pearls were set in rings with glue, and are prone to fall out. They can be replaced, but we always advice to be extra careful with washing hands, showering etc.

Material :
- 18kt Solid Gold
- Pearl & Diamond

Size :
- EU 17

Color :
- White

Weight:                                                                                                                                  - 2.7 grams